Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Read mails without opening Outlook Express

  • Wednesday, April 18, 2007
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  • Main problem we face in our computer is when our outlook express get filled with too much emails and we get worried and don't want to open them because they can carry worms or other harmful contents . we often start thinking that these harmful content can even crash our windows . But their is one trick by which we can read mails without opening outlook .

    1. Just go to your email header and right click on it and than it will show few option , now click on property option .
    2. Check that the detail tab option is active .
    3. Now check Internet header for this message and than you will find a option saying message source .
    4. Click on that or copy it and open it in new tab this will allow you to read actual message and you don't even need to open that email .

    3 Responses to “Read mails without opening Outlook Express”

    Anonymous said...
    3:32 AM

    Thanks for this great Microsoft Outlook Tips, it helped me a lot

    Alexis said...
    6:53 PM

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    Alexis said...
    11:30 PM

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