Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Search Yahoo and Google in same window

  • Wednesday, April 11, 2007
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  • Many webmasters search both search engines Google and Yahoo to get best result out for their topics and for that they open new tabs .But their are few services by which we can make searches om both search engines on same pages , one of them is known as Twingine search page .

    Twingine contain search bar in blank page where we type our questions or query and after hitting search button it divides bottom of the page into two parts to show results obtained from both engines . It also contains few buttons like if you will click on next button it will forward search result of both engines to next page (10 - 19 search results ) and you will be able to see both engines result on second page . If you want to maximize anyone of search engine page just click on maximize button on top side of that search engine in same window .

    Note : Works good in screen resolution 1024 by 768 pixels or in small size text will overlap on each other .

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