Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The cheapest laptop for just Rs 420

  • Tuesday, May 15, 2007
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  • Indian companies are running very fast towards technology and gadget future . Few days back Reliance launched new mobiles for just Rs 777 which is equal to $18.9 and now Indian Human Resources Ministry has planned to launch a laptop for just Rs 420 or just $ 10 . Human Resources department is working seriously on this project and if the target is achieved than every one will have his own laptop . Ministry has taken people from Indian IITs institutes , IISc science institutes and VIT vellore institute of technology .

    This laptop will be an Operating System using Linux and it will support all Word-related applications, a web browser and MP3 capability . Chips will be manufactures by Chandigarh Semiconductor Complex Ltd (SCL) . These laptop might use flash memory with 2GB space in the place of a hard disc for storage and the motherboard will be one-fourth in size comparing others available in the market.

    By doing all this ministry thinks that the cost will come down considerably and churn out close to a million laptops, catering to e-governance initiatives and school children. News via msn.com .

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    Anonymous said...
    1:08 AM

    i have been reading abt this from the very fist day...i hope this project would become reality..also

    Anonymous said...
    4:56 PM

    I hope this would become a reality. This would bring about a revolution in computer market.

    Anonymous said...
    12:50 PM

    Well, it was difficult for people to digest the $ 100 laptop but now they'll need to digest this $ 10 laptop news..he he he.

    India will have more outsourced business soon...:)

    Anonymous said...
    1:00 PM

    Yes Abhishek , Nirmal , Mayank if this become reality then i can open my laptop showroom . :)

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