Wednesday, May 02, 2007


MyBlogLog new community member increasing serivce

  • Wednesday, May 02, 2007
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  • MyBlogLog is one of the biggest community of bloggers and now moderators have launched new service which will help bloggers for increasing their community members automatically . Yes from today MyBlogLog has started new service in which they will add few communities to your account automatically in which you have shown a repeated interest and you visit them daily or after few time on your routine .

    So from now you don't have to tell others to join your community and you will do the same . If you have nice contents and visitors visit your blog time to time then your community will be added in their community lists .

    But if you think that any community you visit only for fun and it is not suitable for your selected list or niche than you can simply visit that community page on MyBlogLog and click the "Leave Community" button.

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    Anique Akhtar said...
    9:25 PM


    man i own these blogs :

    and this one also :

    If you wanna eexchange link with the first three blogs,,...then please contact me !!

    and i have got all these orkut communities linked to my blogs :

    Anonymous said...
    9:32 PM

    thanks for your link exchange offer anique .

    Anonymous said...
    8:06 PM

    No Problem Man !!

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