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Nokia mobile best tips

  • Friday, May 04, 2007
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  • In this post i will tell you few best tips which will help you to short out your few mobile problems easily . You must write down these codes on paper or save them in notepad .

    *#06# - This code is used for checking IMEI number , If your mobile is lost or stolen then you will need IMEI number of that mobile to register a police complaint . By this IMEI number police able to trace calls made from that handset . You can write down your IMEI number in your notepad and in your dairy may it help you in future .

    2. PUK number - If we insert wrong PIN number more than three times than we receive this messages that Enter PUK number which means that our sim card is blocked . Many shopkeepers take rs 100 to 200 ($2 to $5 ) for this simple work . Just open your handset and write down your sim card number on one page and make one call to customer care ( like hutch user dail 111 ) and ask them for your personal PUK number , they will ask your sim card number and than give you that Puk number . Press for PUK code and than enter that Puk number . Now you have successfully unlocked your mobile sim card .

    3. If you are purchasing second hand mobile than anyone of your friend can make you fool , they can repair and cover it with new mobile body , so before buying a second hand mobile try this code *#92702689# . This code will show serial number, month and year of manufacture, purchasing date , last time of repair .

    4.*#0000# - This code is used to check the mobile software revision . After typing this code you will find result like this example ( result can be differ on different handsets) :-

    V 5.62 -- This is software revision .
    25-10-04 -- Date of software release .
    RH-18 -- Phone type .

    5. *3370# - This code activate
    Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) by this our phone provides the best sound quality but it reduces battery performance by 5% .

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    Nice tips on Nokia. These are pretty useful ones. :-)

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