Saturday, May 12, 2007


Resize images with advanced filter Resizer

  • Saturday, May 12, 2007
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  • New Advanced Image Resizer 2007 is the best tool for resizing images with user friendly option . This program supports all major image formats like jpg , bmp , tiff , gif , png , tga , pcx etc . This application use advanced resample filters to optimize the color levels which helps to prevent any quality loss . You can create thumbnails with or without watermarks .

    At once this application can process as many as images you wish and you have in file list , just hit start button and it will start processing all images . It has very easy task , you can make the image 50% smaller and if it doesn't suits your requirements then insert exact width and length size to resize it .

    Some best features of
    Advanced Image Resizer 2007 are -
    Advanced Resampling Filter Technology
    . Custom Watermark drawing
    Automated Web Update included
    User friendly and Multi-Lingual Interface

    Their are many more thing you can do in it , you can also add watermarks in your pictures . You can try its 30 days trail by downloading it from this link . Download
    Advanced Image Resizer 2007 .

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