Thursday, May 10, 2007


Tips to increase blog traffic

  • Thursday, May 10, 2007
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  • If you have a blog and you are writing best content but if will not promote it , no one will knows about it and read it . To receive traffic to your blog you need to do some publicity . Their are few websites which can provide you 50 to 100 visitors daily if you use them as a good tool .

    1. Myspace - If you have myspace account with good friend ratio than you can submit your post in your account with backlink to your blog . Like if you have 100 or more friends your post will be shown on all those friends current bulletin list in front page . Many webmasters buy myspace users accounts for this work and sellers get paid according to the friend lists , I have seen many users selling accounts containing 5000 and more friends in their list to webmasters for just $ 10 to $ 20 .One more best profit is that if you blog related to technology and most of the friends you have added in your list is also from technology groups than they may write about your post on their blog after reading their bulletin and you get more backlinks . So just visit make new friends learn new things .

    2. Orkut - Orkut can also provide us good traffic and most of the new bloggers get 15% to 20% traffic from . In orkut you can search for keywords like BLOG , BLOGGER , BLOGGER and I am sure you will get more than 15 + best communities on blogs . You can join them and participate in threads daily . Where you have to visit others blog and give them ratings and they will do same for you and sometimes you may get few tips to improve your blog also .

    3. Forums - You can take part in forums and post your blog links or latest posts links as your signature . Their are many thread like review my website or blog you can take part in such threads and post your blog link and ask others how you can improve your blog and may you get some best tips with nice visitors .

    4. Groups - Join yahoo and Google groups related to your niche of your website or blog . In many groups users ask about their problems , if you know the answer you can post reply to the group . Be a permanent user this can provide you nice traffic by helping others . Just post your blog link or graphics in email signature so when ever you answer any problem users can get in touch with with you on your blog for further assistance .

    5. - According to search results is one the best place to improve Google rankings . If you are a good write on your niche than you can submit your article in and most of the articles are often spidered within 1-3 days . Many webmaster surf ezinearticles for free content and by this you canl receive good traffic as well as inbound links to your blog also .

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    Anonymous said...
    4:41 PM

    Nice post and information. I have not tried out Orkut to increase traffic.

    Shankar Ganesh said...
    11:59 AM

    Thanks for the info.. Now, I'm gonna submit some of my articles to

    Vijayarajan Ramanathan said...
    1:42 PM

    nice article

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