Thursday, December 13, 2007


The effect of Outsourcing IT Jobs

  • Thursday, December 13, 2007
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  • The IT Outsourcing-A boon or an Curse . The world has become globalized today. You can hear all around you that the world has come closer. People in the developing eastern countries are working for the west. True the world has become globalized and geography has been reduced to a thing of the past but do you know the price at which this world has been brought closer? It maybe a boon for the eastern ones but it’s surely a curse for their western counter parts who are deprived off the opportunities because of this out sourcing IT Jobs recruitments .

    We are only seeing the better part of the picture because that’s what the companies in the west are showing to there people that costs will reduce due to these practices and so all would be benefited but the actual and the darker picture is hidden from the world and it is only seen by the few who have suffered due to this job drain. The western companies are cutting there staff and reducing the strength of there employees almost every quarter.The jobs which were considered to be secured and attractive few years back in the west are no longer having any value because these western giants look for only profits. Today you might be working with a big MNC in the west but tomorrow you might be on the roads searching for a new job because your company cut staff.

    Another demerit of this apart from the fact that the common man in the west is getting slaughtered is that creates a shift in the minds of the average people who were deprived of there jobs that the eastern counterparts are crooks and it is because of them that they have lost their jobs. This in turn leads to racial discrimination which till today we have not been able to eradicate effectively. The truth is that the western company owner’s are betraying there own country by encouraging the job drain. I don’t say it should be reduced to zero but every thing should be done in a limit other wise it affects adversely. So what is the solution to this problem the companies want to reduce the costs but don’t want to encourage out sourcing. One of the solutions is that the western nations should put in a cap on the outsourcing employee strength. That would keep the job drain under check and would serve both the sides of the table well.

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    Anonymous said...
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    dude now a days it all about efficiency and effective utilization of resources~~its all about being competitive ~~and puttin a cap on outsourcing is not an answer!~to that

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