Saturday, January 26, 2008


Windows 7 M1 Ultimate Edition

  • Saturday, January 26, 2008
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  • Blogger from china ThinkNext posted embedded video of Windows 7 M1 Ultimate Edition on youtube and says that this is Windows 7 M1 Ultimate Edition 6519.1.071220-1525 as well as he tried to prove people that this is not a fake version created through photoshop or anything in his message .

    "I was about to share something interesting about Windows 7 in my last post, Windows 7: The Real Thing . The ISO image, installation, evaluation and the screenshots are all real. I mean there is no Photoshop or anything like that involved. I’m not a person who makes himself complacent by faking something hot, neither will I be unhappy if someone denies the real information I posted. I don’t mean to draw much attention, especially from those suckers. When I post images, there is Photoshop, when a piece of video, there is something called Premiere, or DreamWorks?"

    In video you can see windows booting and some screen shots of Windows 7 M1 Ultimate Edition . I don't think it is a fake edited video but how come these people catch such secret informations , I am just thinking that what kind of security worlds richest man is using for his companies projects .

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    Anonymous said...
    8:37 PM

    wow the new version looks sleek~~~especially the speed~~and the interface~~~i doubt that it is edited~~is it is morphed~~~then that is indeed a good job~

    Joel said...
    10:28 AM

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    Johnson said...
    3:24 PM

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