Saturday, May 24, 2008


Don't Share copyrighted Video Content

  • Saturday, May 24, 2008
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  • If you have a blog or websites where you provide free copyrighted Video Content or share them via embed code than stop doing this because now you can also be fined for sharing also . It doesn't matter that you have not hosted that content and you are sharing them by providing links or may be embed video codes than also you can be fined [ We are not sure about embed codes right now but may be they can go for them also because promoting copyrighted content is also a crime] .

    Motion Picture Association of America has filled $4 million copyright infringement case on and .We both of these sites are not well know and i don't think so that they must have earned so much money also . The amount is fined as per $2.7 million for ShowStash and $1.3 million for Cinematube and right now both sites are down no more live .

    Only Providing copyrighted content is not a crime but sharing copyrighted content and pirated product is also a great crime . By this step MPAA members think that other video sites owners must be also feel threatened now by the prospect of paying out millions of dollars fines and may shut down their websites too . This is the second after TorrentSpy's .

    So please be quick and quite your video sharing websites and projects too or other wise start collecting few million dollars for fine .

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