Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Earn one lakh from youtube

  • Tuesday, May 27, 2008
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  • Yesterday i was reading Brunch Magazine and i found very interesting article on Indian youtube website.Main news was if you have good talent and spend good time on net and on video sharing sites than youtube has nice offer for you and you will be get paid for it .

    If your posted original unique video get viewed by five lakh people than youtube will give you Rs 1 lakh for your efforts and hard work . Which is one the best way to earn some good hard cash online .They have already started tracking videos and even posted top five video viewed in India currently .

    1.Tom and Jerry show in Punjabi .
    2.Zara sa -video song of zanat
    3.Highlights of Mumbai Indians .
    4.Trailers Love story 2050
    5.An episode of comedy circus featuring Sudesh and Krishna .

    Guys also do search for Punjabi terminator and Punjabi dubbing keywords on youtube you will find lots of funny pranks too .

    Operators behind youtube also says that they are work hard for legal issues and growth of Indian site is increasing rapidly fast and got so much popularity that big televisions and media companies getting ready to share revenue with their users .

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