Sunday, May 25, 2008


Html Hack for product sales pages

  • Sunday, May 25, 2008
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  • This alert is for those new webmasters and online marketing friends those don't have good knowledge of html coding and basically hire some one to install a scripts and create one sales page for their product .Today when i was searching for some scripts and products on some sales pages and ebook stores online , I found that many sites and sales pages were not having good secure system for trading .

    Sometimes for saving few dollars they don't check past portfolios before hiring that new webmaster and give them work and these new webmasters just install that simple webpage and take away your money .

    Example :- We have seen many web pages offers good reports and informations for just few dollars . Main common thing in such pages we find is first we need to pay some money by paypal and then just after paying we are able to see that download link of that product .

    How these pages get hacked :-

    1. First of all hackers use proxy to hide their ip address because some sites use records visitors ip addresses too .
    2. Than they visit the web page and right click on their mouse after that select text view page source .
    3. Most of the time they search for word "Return " . Because this word is used after payment or next to that we may also find welcome link too .
    4. You can copy that welcome link in your adressbar and you will see the download link of that product .

    This article is only written to alert newbies those want to make fortune online by opening ebooks stores or by selling their written report , but they don't find any sale or good result according to their hard work . So remember whenever you create new sales page or estore higher some one having good experience , don't go for cheap services other wise you may not even get you paid money too .

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