Friday, May 23, 2008


Indian Blog writers get published and earn money

  • Friday, May 23, 2008
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  • Blogging craze in India is increasing day by day and big industrial giant are also helping bloggers and writers by providing new web space , blogging facilities and offering earning opportunities too . Now Indian web portal company is providing a chance to Indian bloggers to get published their articles and earn money r them self .

    CEO of Mr Satya Prabhakar said that this the best method to encourage Indian blog writers by providing them such platform , so they can also showcase their talent . Sulekha editorial team will read and search best articles and select them on every 15th of every month . Basic niche of selection is basically center around subjects such as humor, poetry, travel and personal experiences , which makes reader fell like reading someones personal creation or a life story . Article selected by them will be published in Sulekha Book Series and these books will be sold on their own website and . Once article of month is selected editorial team will start working with blogger in selecting the posts to be published in the book and decide on the price. The profit generated by these books will directly go to the author .

    The initiative began in April and the blog posts of B.S. Keshav have been selected and compiled into a book "A Series of Adventures". So i congratulate to Mr B.S. Keshav and Best of luck for other for future . For more information about this article and if you want to check Mr B.S. Keshav book also visit here . Blogprint Initiative

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