Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Play MP3 in google personal homepage

  • Wednesday, May 28, 2008
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  • If you surf online in school or office and most of the music and socials websites are blocked because of security reasons than also your can listen to songs . In most offices we can visit Google and check mails on gmail to because it is not taken as so harmful . Even my few friends are working in for US Call centers and in break time they check their mails . Yesterday while searching Google application we find many music mp3 applications to by which we can listen to mp3 songs online from them too on our Google home pages .

    Simply login to your Google account and than go to igoogle personal webpage than click on add stuff . In right sidebar you will find search options . Make a search for mp3 player or mp3 keyword . You will find few application on both searches . Second go to tolls options given in left hand side than select newest option and scroll down little bit , you will find mp3 player application option , click on that picture and you will find more mp3 related application in right sidebar to . Add them which one you like the most and start enjoying music in office to .

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