Friday, June 06, 2008


Alert for Video Bloggers and Uploaders

  • Friday, June 06, 2008
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  • In last few months video blogging got a new craze and now we can find so many video blogs providing online movies as well as videos songs of all blockbuster movies on their blogs . After a launch of new youtube website in India with its new partners like Rajshri Films, YashRaj Films , Eros Entertainments and sharing their content on their site to increase their business . Now they have promised that now they will take piracy problem seriously regarding their partners product .

    How this will work :- Youtube team has created new formula by which they can track all pirated content uploaded by their users . In this process they are using video printing process which allows them to compare and track that which stuff is pirated and which is original . All studios which comes in partners deal with youtube uploads their movies and other video stuffs on youtube and than their images are mapped . Now if any user uploads same video stuff on his youtube account whether it is from pirated dvd or uploaded a original one , youtube software will grab it and send a notification message to teams members about that stuff . After that they will check it and than directly notify about that content to their partners .So after all this Partners can take any legal action according to piracy or copy right law against that user .

    So don't upload videos from pirated cds too because buying pirated products is also a crime and this may land up you to jail also . Indians friends and users please beware of this legal steps and don't upload videos from cheap dvds which we get from street for rs 35 only .

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