Saturday, June 28, 2008


Backlinks from High Page Rank for Free

  • Saturday, June 28, 2008
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  • This post is written to help readers to know that how they can get free back links , So remember that we are telling you the method but not providing free back links .Their are so many pro webmasters and internet promoters those invest thousands of dollars to get get relevant back links from High Page ranks to stay in top in search results . But their some more options to get relevant back links also which bloggers apply like running keyword trains , tagging each other . So today we will share one nice tip with you by which you can get free back links from high page ranks .

    All of us know that forums are the best way today to get free traffic as well as back links to out blogs and websites . But one quality and niche related relevant links can boost our page ranks . So their are thousands of forums on different niche if you can find some good and high page ranks forums related to your niche than you can get back link .

    Learn how to get links related to niche :-
    1. First go to main search page .
    2. Now in search box type this line [ intitle:"your keyterm" ]
    3. Don't copy these open and close brackets and type keywords related to your niche in place of [ your keyterm ] . You can type tech , blogging , online money anything which suits to your niche and than make search by hitting enter key .
    4. Now you can visit relevant forums related to your niche and become a member of that forum . Now you can add your blog or website links in given signature links slots .

    I have been working on this from last few days and got some good results . I think this will help you to get a free back links from relevant niche which can provide some good results to your serp's .

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    Unknown said...
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    the idea is good for getting backlinks but this can also heart your blog if visitors get a bad impression of this

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