Monday, June 02, 2008


Best Proxy for Social websites

  • Monday, June 02, 2008
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  • If you spend good time on social websites or Use internet to do web researches for your projects , than you should know that any website in the web world can track your unique IP address and can do monitoring on your all online works too . By using your unique IP address ID assigned to your pc they can get access to your some personal information about you also .

    I have found some good proxies while surfing online and i will share it with you today . Mwolk is one of the best proxy for surfing online using with Anonymous status . By using anonymous proxy you can protect your original ids from spammers and advertisers . Mwolk contains very good database of new and best proxies . This help you too surf freely without worring about anything .These proxies changes your IP address to prevent unauthorized access to your computer over the Internet and manage cookies to prevent monitoring of your visits on other networks .

    If you are using net in school or office and they have blocked top social websites like Youtube and Orkut , than don't worry they have proxy for Youtube and proxy for Orkut also and most of them are updated daily and works great . By Using proxies you can bypass all the securities and firewalls which blocks you from visiting other social websites . So by proxies you can visit famous sites too like facebook , Myspace , Bebo , Hi5 , Friendster and other websites too from blocked connections of your office and school also .

    If you are looking for more proxies to unblock some specific site than you can visit their main webpage at . I am sure that you will find the solution because this site keeps updating and add safe and secure working proxies daily .

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