Thursday, June 05, 2008


Flock 1.2 upgraded with new features

  • Thursday, June 05, 2008
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  • Today when i started my web browser i saw a new message pop up on my desktop screen that upgrade your Flock 1.2 with new features and i did that .I think new features are superb for webmasters and blogger too . Lets Discus about them :-

    1. Now you can add top two social websites used by webmasters and blogger in your sidebar options . Yes now Pownce and Digg has been added to people sections . You can click on that and login to your accounts from those links . By this your account will be activated on web browser and you can check most popular article in those websites in few seconds .

    2. They have added new emailing AOL mail option also in their new update . First we were able to use yahoo and Google mail but now you can add your AOL mail account also their .By this you can access you mails any time by just clicking on Aol mail button .

    Flock still contains many general issues but this time creator have done good work on it .They have implemented several performance and stability enhancements as well as some memory leaks also have been fixed too .

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