Friday, June 27, 2008


FREE European Domain name

  • Friday, June 27, 2008
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  • While surfing on dp i saw one post where one guy posted a method by which we can get a free European Domain like or any other name you can search and select which is still valid . First you have to create a account on this website Free European domain name .

    Now you can search and apply for .Eu domain name which is still available and than select it and move forward with further details , now select the free gold hosting plan as per the author said .The free gold hosting plan which you will select is small but after domain name registration and receiving access to your control panel you can change your hosting plan and you can move to any other free hosting services or if you have any plan which you are using use that in this also .

    You can visit this site and go through the process as mentioned may be your luck work for you and you can create some good local pages for European data and sell it if it gets little popularity by this you can mint some good money free domain names also . Thanks to Marty from dp who shared this information with us .

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