Saturday, June 28, 2008


Send a song on your friend's phone

  • Saturday, June 28, 2008
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  • If you want to wish you friend or relative on his Birthday or some special day than you should try this service which is totally free and easy to use . Limeall is a online web application by which you can send a song and add voice message in it to gave it a personal lovable touch in their communications . You can find this application on orkut .

    Limeall allows its users to send 5 free calls every month . We can play a self recorded messages which can be followed by selected songs as per occasion like birthday music or other . We can also create and share musical photo album which can also play back personal recorded message with background music , So if you are in love but hesitate than create one album and add some message in it and send it to your friend . We can receive birthday reminders on phone and preset call and video greetings which can be sent automatically .

    What you have to do is just create one account by signing up from any free user id of yahoo gmail or hotmail and import your contacts from your number . After creating account speak out your message in a song or the way you want and than send it to your friends phone number . You can visit them from here or you can search for it in orkut applications also . If you want any help than you can join this orkut community also Limeall - Refreshing relationships .

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