Saturday, June 28, 2008


Trace and recover your stolen Laptop

  • Saturday, June 28, 2008
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  • If your laptop is still with you than its fine but but you have not purchased any good tracing security service for it than you may have to cry because than you may not be able to find it . Their are many companies in India which offers Laptop tracing services to locate stolen laptops with best rates and facilities .

    Locate Laptop is one of the company which provides tracing software to locate stolen laptop . A week back one of my friend purchased their software and let me know . By this software you can locate stolen laptop, from the internet. Main problem is that we can not track him if he doesn't come online on world wide web . I think these softwares works same as mobile security systems once you have inserted your sim card and the mobile come in networks signal they start tracing it and same like this when a user come online from a stolen laptop they trace their
    IP, ISP details .

    How this will work : - First you have to fill a complaint in Police station than take your fir scan copy and mail them after that they will trace a
    IP, ISP details of that user who is that laptop and send them to you . After that you can provide those details to police officers and they will raid of that address which is using that IP, ISP services . You can buy their software for just RS 3000 and they guarantee that if in case they cant trace the laptop than we will get back 5 times ost of that software which means rs 15000 and if you have insurance of laptop than it will be better for you also .

    But if these software works only when any user get connected to online than this means if someone buy a stolen laptop for offline work than he can not be traced . May be i am wrong but this is a nice secret .

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