Thursday, July 03, 2008


Make moeny with Digitalmail

  • Thursday, July 03, 2008
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  • Hi friends now DigitalMail is 19 months old and i have learned many things in between this period .Now i am earning more than $200 online while working on it as a part time . As a full time i do stock trading but from last few weeks not only Indian stock market but global markets are moving down and i have sold almost all my stocks and holding few one at cheap prices . So now when many of my readers and friends mailed and asked me that how they can also start earning money online like me as a part time i wrote this post .

    So now on digitalmail i will start a new section where i will share my experience with you and i will tell you how you can start earning $200 to $350 per month by blogging but remember it is not a one night game you have to work hard for at least three to four months . Now don't say that the time duration is too big because i am not a pro blogger or a online money making guru . But yes i know the best method by which you can earn $250 guaranteed and further increase you work will decide . [Update]-->Here is the image of paypal check i received yesterday .

    Their are so many blogs and websites which will guide you about other websites and give you points on how to make money online but here i will not post review on those methods and I will invite your comments on those topics . I will discus about your problems and try to short them with my friends .I have a group of good blogger friends those started with me but now they are at too higher position than me , thats is because they took it as profession and started seriously before me . Most of them are minting good money and shares their tips with me too .

    So i will post here how you can make money and than you apply those methods , if you face any failure or problem please come back and tell us . We will try to short it out by this we can also gain more knowledge as well as you too . So thanks for all my reader and friends those encouraged me to share my method with all of you .I will try to stat working on it soon and I hope that everyone of you will get benefit from them .

    7 Responses to “Make moeny with Digitalmail”

    Anonymous said...
    1:31 AM

    can u please tell me the doamin name of that service ( URL )

    Anonymous said...
    1:28 PM

    You wrote that you're gonna show the secrets, but I can't found any tips here, and even the URL of digitalmail itself.

    Anonymous said...
    1:58 PM

    Hi @Abhinav and @Pandu and thanks for your visit and interest . My blog url is .

    If you have read whole post where i have written that from now i will post here how we can make money online and share my tips . So when ever i will get time i will start posting new post on this niche .

    So stay tuned for further posts .

    Anoop Kumar Singh said...
    1:01 PM

    are bhai yahan tips kidhar hai vo to batao ....check ki image lagakar aap sare bloggers ko chidha rhe ho kya ?????

    Anonymous said...
    1:10 PM

    Hhahahah Anoop bhai i am not teasing anyone but here is the link , now Ashish has given me space on his forum to share my views , you can visit there and start posting your questions .

    Anonymous said...
    11:32 AM

    Hi Atul,

    Nice post again, but here you are misssing the are you minting money outta bloggin? i am also looking forward to get some more good stuff from you... i can write well...and i want to give it a try now...

    Rahul said...
    11:02 PM

    yar plz tell that site name where you got 6000 thousand rupes
    and plz visit us for fastest movie download addrive links ok
    *****( myfunn.blogspot *** com )

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