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10 Amazing online audio and video converter tools

  • Sunday, September 14, 2008
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  • If you don't have any file converting software or you don't want to download any software and want to convert any file in emergency than you can try online converters . Their are so many free video audio and other files converters and you can use them hassle free . Here is will list few good converters which you can use for converting your media and other files .

    1.Media Converter - I am using this site from last few months and i am happy its services . Media converter help you to conver all files and supports all major formats . Files formats supported  mp3 , ogg , wav , wma , 3g2 , 3gp, avi, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4,mpg, mpeg, psp, rm , wmv . doc , pdf xls , ods .In free service you can convert maximum 100mb size files and for more than that you have to take premium services . You can upload videos from , , Dailymotion , LiveVideo , MetaCafe , , Veoh and Youtube .

    2. Media-Convert - It is one of the best site which supports almost all formats from audio , video , images , Documents, text and mobiles files format also .So you can have videos for Windows, Linux, Mac, SVCD, DVD, Pocket PC, Mobile phone, Nokia 770, Nokia N800, iPOD, iPHONE, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii, Zune, S1MP3 MP4 player. You can upload upto 150 files in which i think you can add 10 movies . You can download videos from different online sources and you can upload files to media convert than download them directly on your mobiles phones wityh single click too .

    3.Convert Vx2 - It is a simple webpage where you can convert your files easily . Just upload your files and this script will automatically  detect the input file format and than you have to select the output format only .You can convert and download youtube video also by this web application .

    4. Zamzar - It is a free online file conversion application which helps us to convert online as well as files from our computer . Its procedure is same like other just selct the files or insert url of the files you want to convert than select output format and click on convert button . Apllication supports all major formats for images , documents , music and video's .If you want to host your converted files on their server than you have to create account on their site and get 100gb space for storage .

    5. You convert it - You conver it helps you  to convert all media file format like documents, Images, Audio, Videos without buying or installing any software your computer . But i don't know why they need our email adresses for converting files online . They have other options like you can convert online youtube and other videos . You can also send files to yourfriends from their webpage from free online file sending option .

    6. Mux - It is a online video converting tool by which you can convert youtube and googlevideo videos to different video formats like mpeg-4, Quicktime, iPod(m4v), flash video, windows media, mpeg .It has another option in which you convert your  online videos to mobile format 3GP, AMR and download them to your mobile . You can also share you video privately with family members and friends .

    7.  Webconverter - Webconverter is a verynice website which offers you free online converter for your music, video, images and document  files .You can also convert .midi .kar files format to mp3 so you can play them on your ipod or mp3 player .They have one more special page where ou can download youtube videos also .

    8. Free file converter - It is a free online files converting tool by which you can convert pc files as well as online audio or video files too . But don't use any personal files or secure data to convert on this one becayse website owner already has mentioned that  this service is not intended for use with confidential documents, as we can NOT guarantee secure transfer.

    9. Ankoder - It a a simple web aplication which will help you for online media converter and downloder .This aplication supports Mobile-3gp , Ipod- mov , Flash-320x240 , Sony PSP-mp4 and Iphone-mp4 formats .Just paste the url of files you want toconvert and click on convert and download  button .

    10. Vixy - It is a online FLV file converter by which you can convert all files from major sites like youtube and all .By this Application we can download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP totally free .Just paste the url of that video and select the output format you want for that files than it will be coveter to different format and than you can download it .

    I hope you will like them and this will help you not to search for more tools . If i will find more good converters than i will update this posts again and let you know .

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    Abhishek Bhatnagar said...
    11:12 AM

    Site Logo looks cool.

    Anonymous said...
    11:48 AM

    Yes Abhishek bhai it is looking gr8 .Actually my stock broker designed this for me . He is very helping person in market as well as he is a good webmaster too .

    Anonymous said...
    3:08 AM

    You may want to add Flash Downloader for youtube, which is free, too. Great Site.

    Anonymous said...
    11:32 AM

    Thanks for mentioning that nancy . I will add them in next update for sure .

    Unknown said...
    4:06 PM

    nice blog

    Anonymous said...
    5:27 PM supports the formats 3gp, mp4, mp3, mov, avi, flv, wmv! It's easy to use, just add the video URL, where the video is playing and click download. You can find the supported video sharing sites in the video sharing list. Really amazing!

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