Thursday, September 11, 2008


Create a forum with Free forum hosting

  • Thursday, September 11, 2008
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  • If you want to start a new web forum on your blog sub domain name or on a new domain name but you don't  have any knowledge how to create and manage it than i will say that first create one forum on a free host . Here i willl tell you about one site where you will get everything for free and you can learn everything also .Free Forum Provides you free hosting as well as all tools where you can use them and create your own web forum in few minutes with any technical skills . is one of the best site which i have used to create one forum for my friend and i have also learned my things from it to . They don't only provides us Free Forum Hosting which is fast,  security and reliable as well as their are many other options like get unlimited access for unlimited number of messages and users .They provide us 1GB space for hosting our files, photos, music, etc . Their forum supports 30+ different languages also . If you don't have any knowledge about themes than don't worry they provide us 40+ themes , chat box as well as portal also .

    If you think that this space is not sufficient for you in future and want more space than you can contact them by visiting their main site also .If you have forum but you want to change the host than also you can contact them may be they can offer you best deal . If you find any difficulty in managing your forum than you can check their forum tutorials for this link flash tutorials for phpBB 3.0  .

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