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Awesome Steps to Make Your Computer Faster Ever

  • Friday, December 05, 2008
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  • Whenever our computer hangs up it remind us old days when it was new and booting speed was like wish . You name it or click it  and have it . But don't worry , you don't have to keep dreaming about that booting speed because you can get that speed back if few easy steps . I can say that it will run like new but yes you can make it to boot faster and make your computer faster than previous old speed .

     You can follow this steps and make it better :

    1. Delete all wastage :  Remove everything which is not in use . Like if you installed games or programs which are not in use right now that go to control panel and uninstall them .You can keep their setup with you if they are important and install them in future when they are required .

    1.1 Remove all Temp files : Remove all temporary Internet files and Windows temporary files . Always cleanup your Recycle Bin when you go for shutdown .

    2. Make windows startup Fast :- To make you system upload faster you can stop auto start for few programs . Like you can stop all those programs which you don't need at starting . Just go to  start button and click on run option . Than type "msconfig" and press ok . Now one new pop-up will open in which you will find startup option at top bar [ For example you can check image below] .

    After selecting startup option you will see program list and from them you can deselect few of them which you don't want to run at starting . You can stop all unnecessary programs like Instant messengers  yahoo messenger , rediff bol , gtalk etc which ever you are using . Few more files like real player or any other player which start automatically .

    Startup Delayer : If you don't want to remove any program from their and use it daily than you can use Startup Delayer . This application helps you to setup a time for program to upload after windows startup .

    3. Cleanup your system : After deleting and removing all unwanted stuff  we can go for cleanup process . You can go to Disk cleanup by clicking on all programs and than accessories than you can see system tools[check image below] .

    After selecting desik cleanup you can clean your all drives one by one . In c drive don't select any setup files and delete all other temp files . After Completing process that box will automaticall close .

    3.1 Disk Defragmenter : Again go to system tools and select Disk Defragmenter option .In the Disk Defragmenter box select the drives One by one for defragmentation .First select any drive then click the Analyze button . When the drive is analyzed new dialog box popups in which you will find defragmentation option . You can click on it and let the drive get defragmnted .

    3.2  Software for cleaning system : It is a freeware system cleaning tool which you can download from this link Download CCleaner .CCleaner removes unused files from your system and helps Windows to run faster by freeing your disk space .

    4. Always use good antivrus : To keep your all confidential information personal you must use good security system , which will help you to save yourself from different virus attack risks like hacking viruses , trojans , malwares and spywares . If you can't or don't want to buy a Antivirus Software than also their is no problem because you can get some best Antivirus Software free of cost online .

    Download Free Antivirus Softwares :

    1. Avira Anti-Vir : Download Free version of Avira Anti-Vir AntiVirus for personal and non-commercial use .
    2.  Avast free home Edition : Avast is a free antivirus software with spyware protection . Free edition copies must be used in non-commercial & home use only . Download Avast free home Edition antivirus .
    3.AVG Anti-Virus : AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition has been widely regarded as a free security software for home users for the security of computer systems protection. Download AVG Anti-Virus free .

    For more good free Antivirus softwares you can go and check this page . Dowload Free Antivirus softwares .

    Always remeber that you must not fill your all drives heavily and keep installing new softwares . If you want try it than install it but if it is not usefull than uninstall them same time and keep your pc stomach clean like yours . Don not install anyupdate from any website because most of those programs keeps spywares and steal your all informations . When ever you go for sleep do defregmentation to keep it faster and delete all coockies and temp files too .

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    Sonu said...
    11:22 AM

    Hey Atul,
    Thank you very much for these handy tips. Quick question, by any chance, have you checked out sites like I would like to but am nervous about getting a virus from sites like this.

    Thanks again for the write up...Sonu

    Anonymous said...
    10:03 PM

    Hello Atul,
    Nice to see you back again, was searching you since long, how are you.

    Ashok Arora

    Anonymous said...
    8:28 PM

    This is great advice and something I need to do right now with my laptop! Thank you!

    Anonymous said...
    1:44 PM

    Thanks for the visit Lynne , I am glad that this will help you .

    SafexSolutions said...
    4:25 AM

    Nice Post...

    Anonymous said...
    4:41 PM

    Good tips. Non tech savvy people usually don't know these tips :)

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