Saturday, March 10, 2007


Are You Pirated

  • Saturday, March 10, 2007
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  • We usually surf net and search for products we need in today's life like car, home , electronics but when our products comes related to softwares , We are dam sure piracy is ruling over genuine .

    Piracy is the biggest problem for software companies specially for worlds famous company like Microsoft which is owned by worlds richest man Mr Gates so what about others .There are few examples why people like piracy because pirated products are very approx 80 % cheap compared to genuine and many pirated sellers provides you all facilities with cracks and make there product same like genuine .My all friends pc are mostly operated by pirated windows of RS 100 TO 150 and works fine than why i have to purchased Windows xp home edition for Rs. 4,250.00 from ebay or any other shop.

    Just go and search ebay website you can get everything but are those things genuine . Yesterday i searched for GTA and i got very impressive results which can make anyone take out his credit card and pay on the spot . Result were like this

    GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Both pc games cd only for RS 70 (almost $ 1.6) and shipping cost 80 ($ 1.78) . Total Rs 150 or $ 3.36 , Hurry up Quantity only 9 available .

    And one website says GTA 3 is for $ 12 Indianplaza .So there is a large difference and why public will gonna buy genuine one .

    This is paid piracy but there are few buddies which makes loss to both pirated sellers and companies , they simply tell you to download free trail period and than provide you keys or cracks of that software for few little amount like $ 1 or $ 2 .

    Softwares companies says that they are getting huge profits every year than also which having such huge amounts of money and educated minds they can't stop this .Windows created windows updates system which deduct pirated windows and don't let them download updates but now they are few tricks which makes pirated window genuine and you can download updates easily .

    Do you think that can anyone stop piracy ,I don't think so ,Almost Everyone is pirated even me . So how many of you are pirated just tell me in comments . And what do you think about pirate world .

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    Anonymous said...
    4:57 PM

    Hi atul

    This is abhishek frm technix update...i have moved "technix update" to a hosted domain with wordpress and a domain name.

    Plz change the url in the

    Anonymous said...
    4:51 PM

    Wow i also dont get it how they make so much of profit if piracy is so much

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