Sunday, March 11, 2007


Windows Auto Playlist

  • Sunday, March 11, 2007
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  • If you are music lover and want to play your songs list automatically when you start your windows than try this cool tricks . By this whenever you start your computer your songs starts playing in window media player automatically . Just follow these steps :-

    1. Click on " my computer"
    2. Click on "c:\"
    3. Click on "document and settings"folder.
    4. After that click on your pc admin user name ( there would be two options all users and one would be your name like John like my is atul , just clik on that name .) folder.
    5. Than in last click on "Start menu" folder.
    6.Click on "Programs" folder.
    7. Click on "Startup"folder .

    Here you will find a blank page , just copy your song playlist here and than refresh and now you can restart your pc after booting when you come to windows screen your window media player automatically start playing that song list which you have pasted in startup folder .

    I have pasted my own list and my 1st song is a prayer than after that rocking music , it fells good to hear prayer 1st , because pc is also like god which is providing living to so many bloggers

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    Anonymous said...
    4:49 PM

    I used to do by putting file into the startup but this seems to be lot better idea.Thx man

    Med said...
    1:18 PM

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