Friday, March 02, 2007


Iconix Fake email Indicator

  • Friday, March 02, 2007
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  • If you are tired like me to know out which email messages are fake , phishing or fraud than try Iconix . Iconix helps us to know that which email is real or fake without opening emails . It supports Hotmail , Gmail , Yahoo mail , Outlook and many more .... . Iconix easily identify emails more than 300 senders companies like Paypal , Ebay , Citibank , HSBC etc .. check out the whole list here 300 senders .

    It works in 3 steps :-

    1. Authentication - When an email arrives Iconix use standard technology to verify the authenticity of th message .They use technology like domain keys and Sender ID .

    2. Identification -Than email sender is crossed checked by Iconix sender list .

    3. Display :- Once an email has passed Authentication and Identification steps, a Truemark icon is displayed in your inbox. Download Iconix free

    3 Responses to “Iconix Fake email Indicator”

    Anonymous said...
    11:25 AM

    This tool is good.One thing i wanted to ask will it catch spam email like one u get from fraud emails ?

    And did u tested it?

    a said...
    12:56 AM

    Hi there,

    My name is Audian Paxson, I work at Iconix. No our solution doesn't deal with SPAM. Spam is somewhat subjective, the intent of our solution is to help identifiy what is real versus fake. It helps users trust email (again).


    Anonymous said...
    11:24 PM

    Its really easy to send fake emails from websites such as

    Always make sure you look at the header of every email when opening emails you think are potentially spoofed, and when in doubt, just go straight to or

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