Sunday, May 20, 2007


One percent drop in software piracy in India

  • Sunday, May 20, 2007
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  • According to the fourth annual Global computer Software Piracy reports released by BSA ( Business Software Alliance ) Indian software market recorded a one percent drop in software piracy last year . Drop rate is quite low compare to other countries but now Indians are encouraging and trying to use genuine softwares .

    This whole report study was conducted by IDC, the IT industry's leading global market research and forecasting firm and IdC sources if India can reduce the piracy rate by 10 per cent by 2009, the country will be able to add 115,000 new jobs in the IT industry. But after all these efforts the average piracy rate for the region increased by one point to 55 per cent. I think that best way to reduce software piracy is that software companies should start rewarding those people which will report them about software piracy details . News from .

    2 Responses to “One percent drop in software piracy in India”

    Anonymous said...
    10:51 AM

    I think the maximum piracy is from China. :-)

    Anonymous said...
    5:21 PM

    well, rewarding the people repoting the illegal use of s/w is a bad idea, nobody would be able to use any kind of s/w's, so what it think is that the companies should sell their products at a much lower rate, talking of windows only, vista is available for 149$, but in india its for 8-10 k bucks?? why, no answer microsoft have for that, have a look at mac's just 1000 bucks for new os X.
    so even companies should give a thought.

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