Monday, May 21, 2007


Orkut skins

  • Monday, May 21, 2007
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  • While surfing orkut you must have tried many scripts for fun but i you feel bored with orkut background than you can change orkut skins also . This scripts only works on firefox with Greasemonkey extension . So first you will need install firefox browser on your computer . You can download it from this link Mozilla Firefox . Now you can download Greasemonkey extension from this link Greasemonkey and after installing greasemonkey you need to restart your firefox .

    Install skin :- To install this script on your orkut account just open new webpage and login to your orkut account . Now click on this link Install script . After clicking on this link new webpage will open now click on install button you will get it on top right hand side . Check image below :-

    After installing this script go to your orkut account and click on refresh button now we will see that your orkut skin is changed .

    Delete new skin :- If you want to get back to original orkut skin just follow simple steps :-

    1. Click on tools option
    2. Select greasemonkey and than Manage User Scripts .
    3. Select all theme one by one and than click on uninstall button after uninstalling all sking your orkut skin will be changed to original one .

    For more skins you can checkout this website Orkutrix . I hope you have enjoyed it than you can check my last orkut hacks and tricks post here Orkut tricks Part1 and Orkut tricks Part2 .

    3 Responses to “Orkut skins”

    Anonymous said...
    11:33 AM

    I think its time for Orkut to add some skins by default.

    Anonymous said...
    11:35 AM

    Yes nirmal even i am trying to create new skin myself ,if orkut can provide skins option in orkut than user can also increase .

    Learning to build web apps fast said...
    2:13 PM

    bro... update karna yaar...
    u busy?

    i am visiting regularly hoping to see some interesting stuff.

    dont disappoint your fans..

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