Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hacking social networking users account

  • Sunday, April 27, 2008
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  • If you visit your social websites accounts like orkut or myspace from cyber-cafe than your account can be hacked in 15 seconds and hacker can review ur passwords also for further use from other places . Your one single click mistake can give them your account password .

    1. When you login to your account never click on remember me on this computer and many time we see that option is already accepted , may be previous users had applied for it .(Example Check 1st image )

    2. When hackers visit cybercafe , they type single alphabet in user id tab in which we write our mail id for loging in . You can check image two i have given example like when i typed alphabet n it displays my login id , if there are many users with N alphabet used this pc than their id will also displayed here .

    3. When they select or click on any displayed user id it will show your password in dots , but don't u think that they can log in from here only because they don't know and cant recognize your password alphabet written behind dot codes . Here is the simple script which can display your password alphabets hidden behind codes .

    # First go to orkut main login page than type this url in adressbar :->

    [ You can open notepad and join this url in one single line without any space ]

    # Now you will find a new webpage of orkut login , again here type any alphabet u will find many user ids and now if someone has forgotten to unselect the "REmember me on this computer option" then his password will appear in dots .

    # Now Type this script in adressbar :-> javascript:alert(document.forms[0].Passwd.value)

    # your account password is revealed . Check images for more help .

    Danger :-> Never select "REmember me on this computer option" in cybercafe because once your password is out they can login to your mails from any where and if this is your personal mail id which you also use for banking details and others professional uses than they may crete new problems for you . Specially we have seen in India many youngsters playing prank with girls profile by changing their profile details and adding adults pictures so be alerted and stay happy .

    5 Responses to “Hacking social networking users account”

    Abhishek Bhatnagar said...
    3:19 PM

    gud find will help lot of people...going to stumble this.

    ATUL DOGRA said...
    3:35 PM

    Yes Abhishek bhai even i think that this will help others to stay safe from such mistakes , specially those girls who usually visit their profile through cybercafe .

    Ajay Pathak said...
    12:34 PM

    thanks for these tips
    next time i will take care of all these things
    do u have profile over the technorati?
    if yes then i want to add u r blog in my technorati fav if u also like my blog then please add my blog also
    my blog url is

    Haris Nadeem said...
    11:50 PM

    Oh, never knew about this. Now I'll have to be extra careful while signing in from other places.

    Jimish said...
    1:54 AM

    are u sure??? coz i dun thiink "remember me" makes saves password.. it only saves user id.. so wen u select tht user id.. u still have to enter password... it doesnt appear in dots too..


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