Thursday, May 01, 2008


Mobile Bluetooth hacking

  • Thursday, May 01, 2008
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  • If you use bluetooth with your mobile phone mostly for chatting and listening to songs than your mobile can be hacked in 2 minutes . Their are many softwares by which we can hack your mobile via bluetooth and change your profile as well as make calls also . But not everyone able to get these softwares so they work with some other little applications .

    Bluejack which is also know as freejack or they use super bluetooth hack for hacking others mobile via bluetooth . Most of them works on java phones as well as in symbain mobiles also like in Nokia 6600 but in symbain their all functions not work properly . These software works like a bull in java cells and provides you more options to play with them and i have tested it in my nokia 6600 .

    How these softwares work :-> First you need to install them and then run this application after running it you will find new icon on your mobile main option screen . Run that program and after that u will find options like search new device and many more . Go to search option and than search for bluetooth connection , If their is any bluetooth enabled connection available in your range than it will start displaying name of those handsets it on your mobile screen . Now when you select any mobile name displayed on your list will need to accept your request and if he do so than you can have complete access on his or her mobile( When you will select mobile name they will receive message like u have been blue jacked and many people think that this is bluetooth mobile application which they are using and accept it ) . Now they have accepted Your request by mistake you can change their profile , make calls from their balance and when you make call to your friend or relative his number will be displayed over there also . You can read his messages delete messages . In fist time they need to accept your connection 2 or 3 times after that you get permanent access to their mobile . You can download this software from here Bluetooth hacked .

    Caution : Whenever you visit social place like metro stations , discos , banks , market etc please don't accept such request of blue jacked if you are using bluetooth . Such places are the best one where youngster keep watch on other who is using bluetooth and listening songs or doing other work .

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    Haris Nadeem said...
    11:49 PM

    There's another similar app available for hacking cell phones using bluetooth. I can't recall the name now lol.

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