Friday, June 13, 2008


Be a battler with orkut Bitslapd application and win prizes

  • Friday, June 13, 2008
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  • Orkut is adding new interesting applications for their users daily and now it has given a tough competition to other competitors like facebook and . Now orkut has everything that we search on other websites . Now we can play games , listen to music , we can chat with each other with the help of chat room application .

    Bitslapd :- Today i saw a new application named as Bitslapd . In this application users can post their own opinions on several topics . Just post your opinions on any topic or news you saw right now and put it out there for all to see it and let others know what you think about it . Once someone post something against your thinking or says that you are wrong and challenge your views . Than post your review on his reply . Now you are a battler and Now your readers will decided who is wrong and who is right .

    Win Prizes :- Best part of this application is that the user who will receive more votes and points in this opinion battle will win prizes also . Prize can be a gift certificates to, , or a gift cards to local mall stores near by your house . So if you have any opinion and you think that you are right than go to orkut applications add Bitslapd and stat posting your views .

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