Friday, June 13, 2008


Blogging softwares

  • Friday, June 13, 2008
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  • From last few months while surfing on digitalpoint forum i have seen many users started their own blogging services and inviting users to share their hosting and use sub-domain names to create own blogs .But their are only two best blogging softwares which i like the most are Blogger and WordPress . Both blogging softwares are good in seo as well as get indexed fast comparing to others . But wordpress provides few more functions than blogger blogging software and reason can be the user quantity .

    What make them different from other blog hosting :- In blogger and wordpress we can create unlimited blogs with same account with different niche . We can ask visitors to fill Captchas and allow only registered users to comment but in wordpress we can also blacklist those users whom we don't want to communicate and check their ip address for further spam actions . We can add multiple friends as a author to our blogs also . We can upload images in both software but in wordpress we get additional feature like image thumbnailing and we can upload files also which is not available in blogger .

    Wordpress has many more good features comparing to and the reason can be the users quantity and thats why most of webmasters keep designing pro templates for Wordpress blog software users . I have seen many friends shifted to Wordpress from blogger because of quality templates and other features but I love Blogger and i will stay here lifelong .Our Blogger team is also working hard and has given new version to blogger users but i am still using classic version and hope that they will add few features to old version also . No matter where you go but if you don't have quality content you cant win .

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