Saturday, June 14, 2008


Get spice mobile for just rs 599

  • Saturday, June 14, 2008
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  • Spice telecom has launched a new slim mobile light weight 75-gram handset in for rural market and for those users those can't afford costly mobile phones and the rate of mobile is just RS 599 only . Now this is what we can call a world cheapest mobile . Spice telecom will offer both connections post paid as well ass pre-paid sim cards in this handset with a three year warranty on handset .

    Call rates :- In pre-paid connection Spice telcom will provide one-year validity with zero rental and the local call rates will be 50paise per minute . In post paid connection we have to pay fixed charges of rs 35 per month only in which our call rates will be 10 paise per minute on Spice to Spice local number and 75 paise per minute on other local numbers .

    This mobile model is without display screen and works with intelligent audio interface system . In this system you can select the language you want to use and than whenever you will visit menu index phone system keep telling you where you are . Like you when you will click menu button and press up arrow than this set will speak like welcome to main menu and when we click once more it will speak next options name like call register and than ring tone setting . So in this handset you will have to work and follow audio alerts .

    This handset is available in different languages like English, Hindi and Punjabi. They have very less option but the reason can be that they provide services in only Punjab and Karnataka and everyone in these states knows English , Hindi and Punjabi very well . Mobile can be charged with charger and speed dial option is also available in this phone but without screen this option can play little difficulties to old age people those who has not operated such things in past .

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