Saturday, June 14, 2008


Wi-Fi Internet cafe

  • Saturday, June 14, 2008
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  • If you are running a cafe , club or restaurant than you can start your own Wi-Fi Internet cafe without expanding your space . You can offer your customers a Wi-Fi Internet facility to connect their laptops , Mobiles and other gadgets through your access point . By this they can your dishes or other product while surfing the web reading mails or by chatting on their IM messengers also and we know if they are sticked to some topic they can buy more coffee or cold drink while reading that .

    You can charge them for this service according to time duration or fixed charges of per hour . You have other options also like you can issue them tickets also for surfing and software will track everything from login duration time to logout duration ,So if they have not used it than you can also refund them their money . If you want to check a session info a customer has to type your server computer name in his internet explorer web browser addressbar. He can use the info page to log off.

    Like if you are paying $2 per hour than you can add price for guest connections as $1.5 , so when you will print the bill they have to pay $3.5 for 1 hour internet package surfing . By this Software you don't have to track them manually because whenever they will start and stop you can find a terminal icon on your screen also .

    How this software will work :- You all Wi-Fi terminals should be connected and bypass through your TrueCafe Server computer and you have to enable internet connection sharing option to connect your WAN and Wi-Fi/LAN network adapters so wifi broadband can work . Now this process will work like this :-
    In between you pc or computer laptop faces any problem get shutdown than also after restating it Software terminal automatically detects the customers sessions and unlocks the terminals for them . If you want more information about this software you can visit here . True cafe

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