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Be a pro blogger in just $20

  • Sunday, July 06, 2008
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  • I thought this would be a great headline that how few new upcoming webmasters and bloggers think that they can be a pro blogger in $20 but it is not a right method but many guys are using it in forums . I was working on this from last few days and after completing my survey i decided to write on it . Few days back while working for my clients on digitalpoint I saw many writers were providing article writing services and when i contacted few service providers via mail than they offer me copyscape passed article for just $3 to $5 but for that i have to place a minimum bulk order of 10 articles on any niche and they will deliver them in just 24 to 48hours(It is a trick so that buying customer think that the are writing their own and not using any software but you can rewrite one article in just 3 to 6 seconds by rewrite softwares ) . Than i thought than how can someone write on so many niche so professionally and so fast too .

    I started my survey more further and came to know that they take some old articles related to given niche and rewrite them with the help of article rewriting softwares with copyscape passed guarantee . So whats the catch here :- Just think you can get such softwares for just $14 to $20 and rewrite a new article in few seconds and the result you will get is 100% unique article and will be passed by copyscape too . So by spending few bucks you can get tons of unique articles for your blogs or websites or you can start your own article writing services also .

    Here is one example of the software rewritten article which i saw on dp forum

    Original 1:

    You've just pocketed an awesome graduation gift - the kind that folds. Or perhaps you scored a nice sales bonus at work. Maybe you even received a hefty tax refund from Uncle Sam. No matter what the source of the cash - whether it's a modest $500 or a meaty $5,000 - you now have the happy task of figuring out what to do with it. The Caribbean is calling ... you can taste that Pina Colada, smell the salty air, feel the palms swaying ...

    Rewritten 1:

    You've just won an impressive graduation gift that the nature of the folds. Or maybe scored a nice sales bonus at work. Maybe you even received a big tax refund from Uncle Saturday Whatever the source of the money if it's a modest $ 500 or $ 5,000-meat you now have the happy task of determining what to do with. The Caribbean is calling ... You can taste that Pina Colada, smell salt air, feel the swaying palm trees ...

    You can see the difference between original and rewritten article and if the software replaces few words with some wrong words than you can correct them yourself also in 2 minutes . Here is image which i took from dp from where one trader was offering Online Article Rewriter (Unique Copyscape Passed) v1.0 - Just 4$ .

    I didn't even understood that what this guys is offering , is he offering per article for $4 or full version of program for just $4 .Here is the link to post and i think thread is still active so if you want to know further you can contact this guy . Rewrite articles Copyscape Passed .

    What is the catch :- I asked few bloggers that can we do anything if someone copy our articles and rewrite them with the help of rewriting software and the result they get from such softwares are 100% unique and copyscape passed .

    Ajay from Techie zone replied that
    if an article is properly rewritten and passed by copyscape than we can not claim our ownership to that article. You will find many articles in blogsphere which are taken from pro bloggers blogs and rewritten on many other places .

    Arpit bhai from said that
    i don't think so that we can do anything in such manner , we can just post about it on your blog and let others know about it . Arpit bhai gave me one link of Amit sir's blog where they have written one post about copying web content illegally . But that was a manual work done by that guy , so how we can catch anyone if the rewritten article is 100% unique .

    Sumesh from Techzilo says that google prioritizes results according to who publishes first, so since original will obviously be published first . But we have seen so many guys who rewrite the articles in better shape and with more information and rich content and get better place than earlier ones those were published in past .

    Ashish from Technospot replied that i think we cant do anything with that because we cant claim file a copy theft unless its exact copy.

    Result : I talked to few more blogger and every answered that if the articles are passed by copyscape and the results are 100% unique than they will be crawled in Google to and may get better spots also . So this means that anyone can start a new blog one any niche he likes and copy all articles from niche masters and rewrite them and than publish them .

    Tip from Digitalmail : If you are using such software then remember most of the pro blogger and upcoming bloggers works very hard and you should not steal their content . I have seen so many bloggers like Arpit , Ashish , ajay bhai everyone work in midnight also and in evening when i login in to my pc than also i find them online working . So if you are rewriting someone article please do ask him and add inspiration links to the main sources and may be the real writer like the second reprinted version and promote you to in future . But remember if one a single article got missed by copyscape and didn't get passed than you can face some serious problems too , so its better to give some link juice to others and play safe .

    Mayank bhai has given very nice review on it that this won’t help them become probloggers , although , they may be able to make money out of it . He says that problogging is not just making money from bloggs but
    it’s also about putting your point across, making friends and building authority amongst the people who share the same interest as yours . You can read his review from this link Can copyscape passed articles help you in becoming a problogger? .Please don't think that we are disgracing copyscape service .

    I think mayank bhai has explained it very well most of us must have understood about it too . Always remember bloggs is not just a board where you copy and paste anything bloggs means and express your thinking what you think about that niche on which you are writing .People visit and read your post because they want to know what do you know and think about the subject you have written about .

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    Anonymous said...
    7:19 PM

    I just want to quickly clear up a misconception about copyright law.

    Under the current system, as it has been for many centuries, only the copyright holder, meaning the author in this case, has the right to create derivative works of a copyrighted work. For example, this prevents others from writing and selling their own Harry Potter sequels.

    If the work is spun in the manner described and it is still clear to an "ordinary observer" that the new one is based upon the original it is STILL a copyright infringement and can be treated as if it were a verbatim copy.

    You have all of the rights you do ordinarily in this situation including to file DMCA notices against the host ands earch engines.

    These matters, if detected, can easily be handled. The issue is with detecting them.

    If you need any help with this or have any problems, please let me know!

    Anonymous said...
    10:00 PM

    Thanks Jonathan for sharing nice points on that , so this means we should not buy rewritten article from forum users . By using them we can face some huge loss in future too .

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