Thursday, July 10, 2008


Download music and videos legally from torrents free

  • Thursday, July 10, 2008
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  • Few days back we saw that many torrent website owners were fined and their website were closed because of sharing illegal content on their websites because of copy rights issues . So now most of the torrent users are also aware of it and want to download only legal music , movies and other files . So if you are a torrents user and want to download file legally than here is the solution for you .

    You can download torrent files legally from Beta LegalTorrents . It is a online community for sharing files and distribute via torrents . It is a Creative Commons lincensed digital media . This site is hosted on Joyent which provides on-demand computing, storage and hosting services . It has some good names in their supporter or Partner lists like Creative Commons , CitizenSpace , Joyent , Ruby on Rails , Sun Microsystems(well known company) .

    This site was started in 2003 but now they have improved many things and has given best out on their services and working well in all well known web browsers .

    Best points of this site are :-

    1. Moderators are very hard working and they check all content which is uploaded and approve it themselves , so it may take some time to get files approved but you will get best legal result .

    2. LegalTorrents host high speed seeds for each torrent file so the users can get the best download speed while transferring files . Downloading over 400 KB/s was mentioned by my friend which is a very good speed .

    3. You don't have to download any new torrent client to download files from legal torrents , you can use other versions also which you have used for others like ĀµTorrent .

    4. LegalTorrents is totally free site you don't have to pay any joining fees or for downloading but yes their is one Donation button and i will say everybody should make some donations if you use that site daily . If they will get some good donation and earn some good amount from donations than they will also think that users also think about them and they will try to provides you more best results too .

    I think i have given few good point about that site to you and now its time go yourself and check it out .You can go and join this free torrent community right now and download legal torrents . Download Leggal Torrents .

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