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Tips on how to use craigslist

  • Thursday, July 10, 2008
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  • As we all know that Craigslist is one of the best and well known central hub for free local classifieds and advertising online .Today with the help of craigslist there are so many housewife’s and other webmasters earning thousands of dollars by doing job posting and adds publishing online . I read this on Craigslist info that it is one the top leading company online in job listings and provides all main promotion options in their services like jobs, housing for sale , goods, romance activities, events postings personal services, local community and events etc . According to survey Craigslist recieves more than two million new job listings each month .But than also many of users failed to get right information , so here are few points which you can notice while surfing Craigslist .

    Learn how to use Craigslist : Craigslist community forum has large variety of options and sometimes new users get confused while finding work because of the enormous listings ,So they should be aware of that how they can find the better job or other services they are looking for . If you have mastered or specialized in any services than you can post advertisement on Craigslist for that and mention the points you will offer in your services to your customers or buyers(If you want to know that how to create a sample letter about offering services than visit this link Sample letter) . You can also expand your business by posting details about it in local classified sections .

    There are few steps given by craigslistinfo that how we can use how to use craigslist :

    1. Go to the website:
    2. Choose which location fits your needs mostly (for writers, you can search for jobs anywhere as long as the employer is looking for a telecommute worker)
    3. Look for writing/editing jobs and/or gigs (HINT: If you do SEO, look through Computer Gigs too).
    4. Click on a particular job to read more specific details
    5. If a job tickles your fancy, click the reply to address and reply with a cover letter stating your interest, your experience and/or anything else that the employer requests from you.

    Now after doing all this sit back and wait for some responses. Now people will contact you as per their needs and may be your interest points can also be cached by their eyes. After receiving some good responses you can select one company which suits you and go for further details. Just go through all these given steps and work for few days and if you start getting good response than you can also join free affiliate networks by which you can earn money by promoting their services . If you want more information about Craigslist and also want to know that how you can earn money online by Craigslist than you can check this site where they have posted video tutorials link also which can help you to learn more .

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    Great info Atul. Yes, people get confused especially the new bees....this is a great info, and will really help other...keep it up

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