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Free blogging tools

  • Sunday, July 27, 2008
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  • If i just look at my past than according to me blogging for beginners is not so easy . When i started blogging i was crazy and i was spending more than 15 hours daily online on reading blogging guidelines and how to make money via blogging . But it took few months when i understood that nothing is so easy and blogging is not a children game , where we can keep posting and earning money . Their are many other works and methods we have to use after posting articles on blog .

    Before posting content we need to do many more things like first all of we have to optimize everything so that everything look neat and give some professional look . After completing optimization we can publish content . Next we have to have to do publicity work by using social networks or other sources . Than in last we start tracking everything and check result and than analyze it for further steps . So here is the list of few tool which i have used and sharing with you .

    Tool you should have in your blog option : -

    1. Feed reader :- Always provide free updates by email service to your readers to they can stay updated and keep coming back . I will recommend you to go for FeedBurner .You can make subscription boxe at the end of post also , so when they finish reading article may be they would like to subscribe at that time too .

    2. Translation tool : You will be surprised but yes translator tool is also very helpful for bloggers .I have few readers from other countries and they use flag translating options from my sidebar to read my blog in other languages too . So why should we miss such readers . You can add Babel fish translator tool to your blog from this link . Translate blog .

    3. Keywords Tag boxes :- In blogger you have option to create label tags boxes and in wordpress you can using plugins for that too . By this users can select the specific keywords also in which they have interest . And tags boxes also helps to fill our blog with some good keywords too .

    4. Search boxes :- I have seen many new bloggers those directly place google search box for earning and don't customize it with their blogs . So whenever someone search any keyword they directly go to google paid keywords search items and think they can earn few cents by this but remember if visitor will not get specific result than he will never visit your blog again .


    5. Entrecard :- Entrecard is one of the hot option moving on right now and almost all blogger are using it . I have seen some pro blogger also using it like John Chow and others too . They have very simple process in which you have to visit other blogs and give them a drop and they will also do they same . But here when you visit someones blog you earn 1 EC point and when other visit your than also your earn point . You can use these point in advertisement or you can sell them to other users too .

    6. Mybloglog :- Mybloglog is also same like Entrecard but here we don't get any point . In this website we get one widget which we can place on our blogs and check who visited our blog than via that widget you can go and check their blogs too . It is like You visit and I follow .

    7. Twitter :- I have not used this tool but i think it is better tool to let your friends stay updated with your activities . By this tool you can update them with your latest post and updates of your blog too .

    8. Digg :- I think digg is one of the best to tool to get some huge traffic as well as some good back links too . I have seen many new blogger keep searching for something new on digg and when they will something interesting they blog about it . So when you can also submit your stories on this site and let other users comment on that . By this you can interact with more people and gain more knowledge too .

    9. Stumbleupon :- Stumbleupon is also a good website to make new friends and get some good traffic too . In this site we have download a toolbar and than when you visit any blog while surfing stumbleupon or other and like his content than you can give him a green thumb up and post a review about his blog in stumbleupon . That blogger owner can track your review and by this you can get one visitor and if your luck will work than you can get one review from his side too .

    Their are many other top social websites with latest PR updates where you can submit your content and get some good traffic like :-

    1. - PR9
    2. Slashdot - PR9
    3. Bloglines - PR9
    4. Connotea - PR8
    5. Technorati - PR8
    6. Propeller - PR8
    7. Rojo - PR8
    8. Furl - PR7
    9. Reddit - PR7
    10. CiteULike - PR7
    11. Popurls - PR7
    12. 43Things - PR7
    13. Newsvine - PR7
    14. Blogpulse - PR7
    15. Nowpublic - PR7

    After doing everything you now you can use some free tracking tools to check your traffic stats too .

    1. Google Analytics :- It is one of the best tool and most of the webmasters believe in Google analytics stats only . By this tool you can check from where you are getting most of the traffic and work on it so you can improve your results online on those keywords .

    2. Statcounter :- This website is also very useful and you can track your all visitors from search engines and referring websites too . You can also check the searched term keywords made by users and work on those keywords for future too .

    If you need any further help than do let me know . I have few more tools which can help you in blogging but i will share them next time .

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing....

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    Great advice - just what I was looking for. Thank you !

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    Thanks for sharing! There is also a non commercial site offering ip geo location tools at

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