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Free online video editing software

  • Monday, September 08, 2008
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  • After a great success of image editing in past now their are so many sites those started offering free video editing software online . Best part of these services is that we don't have to install any software but we can edit our videos online with the help of different online applications . So here i will share few sites which i use to edit my family videos sometimes :-

    1. Eyespot - This site is similar to all other sites video sharing sites but it has some more good options in it like we can host, do mixing and share our video on the Internet and om mobile devices also . Anyone can visit out videos from this site or you can send them your video links via email too . If you register to this site than you can upload, mix and remix, add effects , create groups, create a video blog etc . But to use this site you will have to use web browser, like Firefox, with the Flash plug-in installed and cookies option must be on .

    2. Jumpcut :- Like eyespot here also you can upload, mix and remix video files as well as upload images and audio files and create a video from thiose images by ading your audio files in it . In video .MPG, .MP4, .MOV, .FLV, .AVI, or .WMV format are supported and in images JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .GIF, or .TIFF formats are supported . You can upload upto 100MB maximum per file size . Their is more more alternative for registered users that they can upload via an email address also .

    Their are few more sites which will provide you free online video editing services and i will share them too after using them . But for image editing i use photo bucket and still stiking to it .

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    Anonymous said...
    9:32 AM

    hi, ur site luks cool
    i have downloaded maggo magazine template from ur link.

    now how am i to install it with blogger.
    pls do help me.

    if u could kindly reply do leav a comment in my blog.

    Anonymous said...
    10:20 AM

    Arun for installing this template just go to dashboard and click on layout option . After that click on html option and upload this magoo template files which you download . than Check the EXPAND WIDGET TEMPLATE option and click on save .

    If you find any problem than do let me know .

    Anonymous said...
    10:43 AM

    thanks a lot man..
    i am getting it..

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