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My Killer experience with digg

  • Saturday, September 06, 2008
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  • Using Social media is always fun and now most of the webmasters and specially bloggers are using it to promote their words . From last few days i was reading one ebook in which author has mentioned that if you can understand what users want and how to use social networks to promote your words than you can be a successful blogger in this trend . We now most of our friends start blogging for earning money and in few months they stop it because of low spirit inside them as well as low traffic to . 100% Guiding points according to me for digg .

    Promoting something is a art - In one book "Rich dad Poor dad" i read that if you want free publicity for your product so that it can be sold fast than create some controversy with it .In one example he said that he wrote one book which was a guide for youngsters for future planning and how to be rich and many guys said that suitable tittle will be like financial guide or something else blah blah bblah . But author decided the name of that book and name was School will not teach how to make money ( I am not sure for tittle but its meaning was similar) . Many guys asked him why he did so that he replied that Now everybody will buy this book and read what author wants to say , how they can make money if they will not go to school too .

    Important (65%) :- Many top and good digg users says that You tittle and description should be nice or you can say attractive to catch other eyes on it . If you can do this than 50% of your work is finished .

    Submission timings (25%) - Like we know their are so many users on digg and because of time difference between our regions we can not contact and chat with each other . So you must note down time chart also . One of my friend TakaMichiNaku says that if you can know that one what time between digg get most traffic than this can help you too . Best Time that he has found to get Submit is 3:30 PM (UK Time) . If you make a submit at around 7:30 PM (UK Time) you would need comparatively less diggs to hit front page . I tried his second tip and my story just went to front page .

    How to share stories - I am tracking many users those have good rep on digg and they have stopped sharing their stories on im too . I didn't understood why is it so but few guys told me that by this we don't get any weight on story for lifting it to front page .

    Best idea to get on frontpage (10%) - If your story get dugg from different users and they are not in your friend list than it has more chances to go on front page . I have seen many guys those have added digg users on gtalk and on other im programs and most of their stories get got responce too . Yesterday i submitted one story from cnn and told my friend to shout for it and he did . In few hours my story went on front page with only 95 diggs and than it was like boom and stopped at 581 Duggs ( Five simple ways to save a life ) .

    I am still learning more about digg and share my experience with you again in future . According to me if you can master in these steps than you can do much better in digg and other social media sites . If you think i have posted anything wrong or you want to share any tip from your side than you are most welcome . I will update post with your tips too .

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    Morpheous said...
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    Excellent Post Atul. I get some idea on how digg might work. So these are flaws as well tips i guess ;)

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    thanks you..

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    thanks you..

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