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  • Tuesday, September 07, 2010
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  • It would seem difficult to keep up with how fast today’s manufacturing and IT companies are coming up with new and improved gadgets to replace older versions. Within the past couple of years, not a few mobile phone models, computer gadgets, gaming consoles, mobile audio-visual equipment, and so many other gadgets of all shapes, sizes, and uses have been introduced into the market. As new ones are launched and old ones are phased out, the prices are getting to be more and more affordable for everyone. The most recent gadget launches in the past year are the super thin Air MacBook, the net books, the iPhone, and the Nintendo Wii gadgets.

    Despite the financial crisis in the past year, these new gadgets have enjoyed the patronage of probably millions of people worldwide. The Air MacBook was popular for its portable convenience – it was unveiled from a brown document envelope. It is so popular because it’s from Apple. The downside to this is that it is so thin it could not accommodate a disk drive. Ultra small net books were also introduced in the market as ultralight, ultra portable, and ultra durable. These net books were initially launched for school kids. Its small screen (usually 8 inches) and scaled keyboard make it a challenge for adults with bigger hands to use these net books.

    Another hit from Apple was the iPhone. Millions of consumers all over the world lined up to get their very own iPhones hours before the stores opened to simultaneously make this all-in-one gadget available to the public. The iPhone is a phone, PDA, web browser all in one convenient unit. Nintendo is not far behind in the innovation side when it launched the Wii. The Wii craze has also taken the world by storm with its motion controlled, interactive virtual gaming technology. In the year 2009, a number of improvements and new gadgets are in the pipeline. The world waits with bated breath in anticipation of the latest in the gadget world.


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