Friday, September 03, 2010


Windows 7 concept and features

  • Friday, September 03, 2010
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  • Microsoft windows have come up with a new operating system for personal computers called Windows 7. Whether it follows the success of Microsoft’s XP series or proved a dud like Vista remains to be seen. Since the beta version for Windows 7 is out, its time for setting some expectations.

    Windows 7 claims to have more user friendly interface than its predecessors, with a better taskbar and improved navigation of windows. The taskbar is so designed that it can be modified according to the users’ convenience. A full screen preview is available as soon as the user clicks on an icon. Besides, multiple windows can be aligned on the same screen and adjusted by dragging the borders. This saves time in copying the data and then pasting it because the same function can be performed by dragging the files across the windows on screen. The drag feature also provides users with an option of avoiding to click on the small icons on top of the screen.

    Windows 7 comes preinstalled with internet explorer 8 which provides users with the latest and fastest browsing options. An event like search is simplified with relevant suggestions and reference maintained in search history. For someone still sold on the previous versions of Microsoft OS, Windows 7 provides the Windows live tool through which users can download their favorite applications directly to the OS. Another advantage of Windows 7 is that it integrates all the devices that are connected to the system, thus providing users a one stop device manager. Now all the devices can be accessed at one go.

    Windows 7 promises some good features and value adds making it more user- friendly. The speed of the OS is another thing that catches the eye. With a successful parent organization and good designing we can consider this is an OS to stay.

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    I can't wait for this OS to be released!

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