Saturday, June 28, 2008


Add images in your status option on orkut

  • Saturday, June 28, 2008
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  • If you have got bored while typing and adding emotic icons to set status in status bar in orkut profile than here is one simple line by which you can add images to your orkut account . Just follow these steps and add image to your status :-

    1. Login to your orkut account and click on Profile link and display full profile .
    2. Than you will find status bar option below your profile name .
    3. Click on edit button and add this url on that blank space. Like this
    4. You can remove that text add image url and add image link which you want to add to your profile .You can check image also how to add image, I have posted example of that also in it .

    5. Now click on update button and you have done with it . Now you will find an image as a stus locate of your profile .Like this you can search for small images depends on your mood and add them to your status bar . Their are many images for fun , happy as well as sad mood also .

    If you face any problem than let me know i will help you further . You can search Google for some cool avatar also to add them to your profiles . I love to add different images daily in my status bar .

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